Chefs Dish Out Useful Tips On How To Cook Perfect Eggs –

How to cook!

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Delicious and nutritious, it is unsurprising that the egg is a popular ingredient in the kitchen—however, love them as you may, can you cook them well?

To help you cook perfect eggs, website Mental Floss has recently gathered 11 tips from experienced chefs that will have you upping your egg game from “fine to flawless” in no time.

From simple tricks like making sure you use fresh eggs to more advanced techniques such as alternating the pan between heat and no heat, these tips involves small changes that apparently have a huge effect on how your egg dish would turn out.

Read about all of these chef’s egg tips here—which ones are you already using?

“Crack your eggs into a separate bowl.”

“Don’t stop stirring (when making scrambled eggs).”

[via Mental Floss, images via Shutterstock]

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