Cooked Vs. Raw – How to Slow and Reverse the Aging Process

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Incorporating the right foods into your diet and preparing them in a manner that maintains the nutrients can help aid the aging process.

Raw Eats
Did you know that cooking raw foods like carrots, or broccoli, can actually destroy enzymes that help aid the body’s digestive system. Some foods are better off eaten raw to allow your body to obtain all the necessary nutrients that food has to offer. Certain raw foods can cause more harm than good when cooked, this is because of something called A.G.E. (advanced glycation end) product. A.G.E. compounds are often found in dairy or meat, but are mostly produced when cooking food in dry heat for a long period of time.

What’s So Bad About A.G.E.’S?

The terrifying truth about A.G.E.’s is that they have been known to cause blood vessel damage and stroke. This compound is formed naturally within the body when fats and sugars bind together, however, to many A.G.E’s in the body can be hard to break down. Ingesting too many A.G.E.’s can cause damage to the cells, making the body more prone to chronic illnesses.

Find A Healthy Balance
There are so many nutrients in raw food, however, eating too much raw food is not a good idea either. Some foods like tomatoes and mushrooms are better for you when cooked, as the heat helps release chemicals like lycopene, and polysaccharides, which contain cancer fighting compounds. Find a healthy medium between cooking your food, and eating raw.

Slow and Reverse Aging
Eating whole, raw foods can help with slowing down the process of aging. Some cooked foods also contain anti-aging properties as well. It is important to consume the recommended amount of vegetables (5-13 servings) a day, either cooked or raw to maintain a healthy body and keep an alert mind.

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