How To Cook Delicious Pasta In A Frying Pan

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You no longer have to wait for the pot to boil when cooking pasta, there is a much faster way that will save so much time. In attempt to save both time and energy, chef Harold McGee found that skipping that step all together is key. If you’ve ever made pasta of any kind, whether a quick box of macaroni and cheese, or a magazine-worthy dish of lasagna, you are familiar with the waiting period that boiling the water requires. Minutes go by as the saying rings true once again, “A watched pot never boils.” Thanks to a chef who was willing to think outside the box, you no longer have to do this in order to make delicious pasta.

If you don’t have to boil the water like usual, you’re probably wondering by now how you can still get raw pasta cooked thoroughly and save time. It all comes down to what cooking method you are using. Instead of using a large pot, switch it out with something much different. Now, you still need to use water, but not in the way that most all of us are familiar with. What you need to do first is get out a frying pan and your dry pasta. Chef McGee demonstrates this method perfectly, as he dumps out the pasta and proceeds by pouring cold water over it. We all know that boiling water will undoubtedly cook the pasta, but you have to trust the way that cold water will too as long as you follow his easy method.

How this works is simply amazing. Proving the way that this quick and easy method is nearly effortless, he cooks the pasta to show you exactly how easy this is. Find out how he is able to accomplish this time-saving trick in the video below.

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