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Yuko shows how to make Sushi with smoked salmon and salmon roe!

Sushi is probably the most poplar Japanese food, but it’s actually a very compound cuisine and usually made by professional Sushi chefs rather than in household. We eat Sushi at various special occasions for instance birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations.

In this video, I show you how to make ‘Temari Zushi’ with salmon and salmon roe. Temari Zushi is easier to make than traditional Sushi especially when you use cling film to form the Sushi shape. Smoked salmon and salmon caviar (roe) combination was inspired by my mum’s dish that she used of make for me on my birthdays!

-Smoked salmon : 1 pack
-Sushi rice : 300g
-Rice vinegar : 4 table spoons
-Sugar : 3 table spoons
-Salt : 1 tea spoon
-Salmon caviar (salmon roe)

Music by Life of Riley, Kevin MacLeod (from loyalty free music archive)


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