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Today we’re diving into Japanese Street Food! Mommy Oh and I check out Nishiki Market in Kyoto. It’s super rainy, which makes it even more cozy to bite into grilled munchies. Things we eat in this episode:

+ Dango – Sweet Japanese Dumplings
+ Grilled Mugwort Mochi with red bean
+ Seasoned Sparrow Skewer
+ Hedgehog Bread Rolls
+ Glazed Sweet Potato with black sesame seed
+ Seasoned Seaweed with sesame seed
+ Skewered Salmon
+ Green Pea Cracker
+ Walnut Mochi
+ Grilled Squid

Wow. We tried a lot of different food! Watch the video to see the food adventure unfold 🙂


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Note: This video was filmed in March 2018.

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