KOREAN STREET FOOD-Tokyo’s Epic Koreatown

Korean Street Food In Tokyo’s Koreatown is kind of epic! So much street food to sample!

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PLACES WE VISITED-most of these places don’t have websites so I’ll try to explain where they are in relation to each other.

JYONNO 1-one of the first street food stalls near Shin Okubo Station, once you exit to your right.

SANSAN TOPPOKI-the other side of the street from JYONNO

POPO HOTTEOK -a few doors down from SANSAN TOPPOKI

SIJONG HOTDOG-across from SANSAN TOPPOKI. You can’t miss the crowds.

KKULTARAE this shop is located on the small side street right next to the Don Quijote Store on the Shinjuku side of Koreatown. https://www.instagram.com/kkultarae


JYONNO 2-on the corner right outside of the Don Quijote Store

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