Learn how to make your own sushi at an NYC cooking school

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Backed by Y Combinator (the financial geniuses behind Dropbox and Doordash), new culinary school CocuSocial is now offering classes on how to make your own sushi in NYC. At your office or a local bar, CocuSocial partners you and an expert chef to chop, slice and dice your own dinner. There are also plenty of other cooking classes if you’re not into hand-rolled sushi ($39)—try out the classes on how to make French macarons ($39), savory Greek hand pies ($35) or ravioli pasta ($35) too.

CocuSocial has also recently partnered with local hotels and restaurants to drive more traffic to local businesses. A typical class from CocuSocial is two hours and focuses on simplifying complex techniques so you can finally quit your Seamless addiction. Learn from professionals without breaking the bank, and check out more of the best classes to take this summer. 

Photograph: Courtesy CocuSocial/Billy Guan

Photograph: Courtesy CocuSocial/Billy Guan

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