McDonalds DOUBLE DINNER BOX MukBang Challenge | 20K Follower Food Challenge

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Welcome TO MY FIRST EVER MUKBANG! The Mcdonalds Double Dinner Box Mukbang Challenge! Where I will be talking everything competitive eating, fitness, and McDonalds to celebrate reaching 20K Followers

Super stoked with this video! A lot of fun to edit and put together, and even more fun to be able to talk about competitive eating, my life and the things i love at the same time. This food challenge consisted of two mcdonalds dinner boxes, which weighed whopping 5.4kg (12lb)! I talked about all the other competitive eaters, (matt stonie, furious pete, nathan figueroa, erik the electric, beard meats food, nela zisser and more!). I hope you guys enjoy, and stay tuned for more information about the 10,000 subscriber special!

my top 3 challenges 😍😍

1. The 30,000 calorie cheat day

2. The 60,000 calorie food challenge

3. Impossible Big Mac Challenge (Matt stones time beaten)

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