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Napa Valley Wine Train Chugs Through Vineyards & Gourmet Wine & Meals

And then there’s the wine, of course. On offer are paired menus featuring the wares of local wineries Charles Krug, Palmaz Vineyards, Vine Cliff, and several others. Depending on availability, you can even purchase packages for private “Meet the Maker” dinners with the vintners themselves — a meal which will be paired with only their finest seasonal offerings.

As luxurious as this all sounds, the Napa Valley Wine Train spun out of a history of luxury in the otherwise rough-and-tumble Old West. The rail line was originally built by the legendary vigilante/businessman/journalist/Mormon leader Samuel Brannan, in order to make sure paying customers had an easy route to take up to his day spa in Calistoga, California. While Brannan may have been California’s first millionaire, he eventually had to sell the railroad to the California Pacific Railroad in order to pay for a messy divorce and it changed hands a couple times more in the decades that followed. More than a century later, in September 1989, the rail line reopened as the┬áNapa Valley Wine Train, and the wine has flowed ever since.

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