Boiling 50 POUNDS of Pig Ears!!! DEADLY Southern Comfort Food!!!

🎥Insane Southern Food New Orleans to Saigon! »

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» Deadly Delicious Southern Food

1. SUGAR’S PLACE DOWNTOWN: Chicken and Waffles
ADDRESS: 168 E Griffith St, Jackson, MS 39201, USA
OPEN: MON – FRI 7:00AM – 2:00PM

💸PRICE: US $9.99
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2. BIG APPLE INN: Pig Ear Sandwich + Smoked Sausage Sandwich + Delta Tamales
ADDRESS: 509 North Farish, Jackson, MS 39202, USA
OPEN: TUE – FRI 7:30AM – 8:00PM | SAT 8:00AM – 8:00PM

🐷 PIG EAR SANDWICH: Clean the pig ears. Season and pressure-cook for two hours to make them tender. When cooked, place one pig ear on a small slider bun, add mustard, coleslaw and homemade chili sauce.

🍔SMOKED SAUSAGE SANDWICH: Grind red rose smoked sausage and cook on a griddle. Serve on a Krystal-type bun with coleslaw, mustard, and hot sauce.

🌽DELTA TAMALES: In a large pot, heat the vegetable oil over medium heat. Stir in seasonings and then add the turkey meat. Cook, stirring often. To make the tamales: While the meat is cooking, soak the corn shucks or husks in a large bowl or sink full of very warm water, until they are soft and pliable, about 2 hours. Gently separate the husks into single leaves. Hand-roll the tamales in corn shucks or husks.

💸PRICE: Pig Ear Sandwich US $1.50 |Smoked Sausage Sandwich $1.50 | Delta Tamales US$6.00 for 6

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3. BEATTY STREET GROCERY: Beatty Street Burger + Fried Bologna Sandwich + Sausage Po Boy
ADDRESS: 101 Beatty St, Jackson, MS 39201, USA
OPEN: MON – FRI 6:00AM – 5:30PM | SAT 6:00AM – 2:00PM

🍔BEATTY STREET BURGER: Grill 16oz. seasoned beef patties for a few minutes on each side. Add secret Beatty Street Burger seasoning and continue grilling until fully cooked. Lightly toast burger buns and spread mayonnaise and butter on each side. Place chopped onions, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on the bun. Add the cooked beef patties, cheese, mustard and ketchup and then serve.

🍔FRIED BOLOGNA SANDWICH: Grill bologna for a few minutes on each side. Toast two slices of bread and layer with butter on the insides. Place chopped onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, bologna and cheese between the slices. Add mustard and ketchup and serve.

🌭SAUSAGE PO BOY: Grill the sausages until reddish brown and cooked. Place between lightly toasted hot dog buns. Add chopped onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, fried egg and enjoy. Serve with ketchup and mustard.

💸PRICE: Beatty Street Burger US $3.00/8oz & $4.50/16 oz | Fried Bologna Sandwich US $2.75 | Sausage Po Boy US $3.25
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