Most SATISFYING Chinese Street Food FACTORY (10,000 BAOZI/Day) + Muslim BREAKFAST Street Food China!

Chinese Street Food BAOZI Factory (10,000 BAOZI per Day) + Best Muslim Street Food BREAKFAST Tour of Tianjin, China!
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In this Chinese Street Food Tour of Tianjin, China, we’re taking you for a FULL ON Chinese Breakfast Tour of Tianjin, China! This is the ULTIMATE Chinese food BREAKFAST city in China! There are hundreds of street food stalls all throughout Tianjin, and also many muslim halal Chinese street foods to try as well!

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Get ready to EAT! China has some of the best street food around the world, and in Tianjin, there are hundreds of varieties of street food in China to try!

In Tianjin, there is both Muslim Chinese street food (Halal or Islamic street food) and also the standard Chinese street food. Both are delicious. The muslim Chinese street food is cooked by Hui Chinese, an ethnic minority in China that also has a wonderful cuisine. In this video, we sample some Muslim Chinese street food cooked by the hui people and also some standard Chinese street food. This is why I think food in China is the best, there is so many foods to try!

First, we’re going DEEP into a little alleyway to try the most famous Chinese street food breakfast in Tianjin, the Guobacai! The guobacai is a famous Tianjin snack, and we found a very delicious stall to try it at! The one we had was served halal street food style (made by Hui Chinese muslims) and was very delicious! It has green bean curd tofu, peppery spices, 5 spice blend, and lots of chili oil and cilantro!

Chinese street food Guobacai Shop Name: 正味斋锅巴菜

Next up, we’re going to try the FAMOUS Tianjin Jianbing Guozi! The Jianbing guozi is now famous all over the world, but it’s home is from tianjin, and it doesn’t get any better here! We found it at a local little Chinese street food stall right on the side of the street in Tianjin!

The location was around the Tianjin Nandasi mosque.

After this, we’re going even DEEPER into the local alleyways of Tianjin and finding a few more muslim Chinese breakfasts. The first is the Tianjin Chunjuan, a spring roll made with bean sprouts, fermented tofu, and sesame paste! It’s truly a very unique flavour! It was in the same muslim Chinese neighbourhood.

The next is the famous Chinese street food MIANCHA found at a stall right next door. The miancha is a millet and rice porridge covered with sesame paste and cracked sesame seeds. It is one of the best street food in China to try! You will love it! I gave it a solid 10 out of 10!

And after this, we’re going to the FAMOUS Baozi FACTORY restaurant in Tianjin, the ergu baozi restaurant! Tianjin has some of the BEST Baozi in the world! And here at ergu baozi, the baozi is packed with juice, just like from a xiaolongbao!

And to finish our Chinese street food tour of Tianjin, China, we’re going for a FAMOUS Tianjin noodle dish, the laomian! This is a buckwheat noodle topped with a ton of different toppings of your choice!

Thanks a lot for watching these Chinese street food tour videos!


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