Puerto Rican Sofrito

Puerto Rican Sofrito is the base for so many dishes, like stews, roast pork, bistec, and beans, made with fresh cilantro, garlic, onions, bell peppers, and other ingredients.

Puerto Rican Sofrito
Puerto Rican Sofrito

This easy Puerto Rican Sofrito recipe is one of my favorites. I freeze the sauce in ice cube trays and keep it stocked in my freezer so I always have it when I need to whip up a quick meal. Dishes, like beans, stews, and arroz con gandules, all benefit from one or two of these instant flavor boosters, which I melt and sauté into whatever I’m cooking. I recently shared a recipe on instagram for my quick gandules (coming soon!) which so many people asked me to share, but I couldn’t without this recipe that I use as my base.


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