RICH VS POOR FOOD CHALLENGE | Epic War with Sweets for 24H! Chocolate VS Real Food by RATATA COOL

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Guys, we have an important question to you. How do you usually prefer to eat – slowly or quickly? For 24 hours, the best, craziest and funniest RATATA COOL challenges await you! Rich VS broke, eating only one color food, funny art challenge who draws it better, 100 layers of food challenge, big, medium and small chocolate food challenge, no hands vs one hand vs two hands eating challenge, Popular vs nerd, rich girl vs broke girl, hot vs cold, eating only chocolate, giant vs tiny,bubble gub vs chocolate, honet jelly challenge, cake decorating, rich vs poor pregnant, i was adopted, popular vs nerd, lucky vs unlucky, chocolate fountain fonue, chocolate vs real food, how to sneak food anywhere and other challenges waiting for you! Happy watching!


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