Street Food on the SILK ROAD – INSANE 1000 Person PLOV COOKING in Uzbekistan + TANDOORI MEAT CAVE!!!

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Street Food on the Silk Road in Uzbekistan is INCREDIBLE! Today, we’re in Bukhara, going DEEP for street food including the most INSANE LAMB CAVE!

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Thanks to Sherzod:
And Bekruz:
And Akmal too for showing us around Bukhara!

Get ready for the ULTIMATE Street Food tour of Bukhara with a GIANT MEAT CAVE!!!

Thanks so much to the entire Uzbekistan tourism department for organising and helping put on this trip, in particular, Thanks so much to:

And Bekruz:

Today, we’re bringing you for 4 AMAZING street foods in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Starting with the MOST INSANE MEAT CAVE tandoori LAMB!! It was covered in Juniper leaves, so fragrant! Found at Restaurant Chorbakr.

After this, we’re going to see how Bukhara Plov is made, found at the Plov Restaurant!

Then, we’re going for SAMSA! But these are GIANT square ones made in an oven and were SOOOO DELICIOUS!

Samarkand bazaar – Here we found lots of street food to try and got to experience the lifestyle and way of life of the locals in Samarkand. I tried some pickled vegetables, pomegranaate juice, and also had some nice interactions with the locals.

And to finish up, we’re going for the ULTIMATE BBQ FEAST in Bukhara!

I hope you enjoyed this Uzbekistan food video and street food tour of Bukhara!

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Thanks so much for watching!

All of the street food in this video was INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!

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