Traditional PAKISTANI MARKET in LAHORE!! Pakistan Street Food in Ichra Bazar | Pakistan


With another incredible day in Lahore ahead of me, I headed out on an early-morning market tour! Join me as I explore the Pakistani street food in Ichra Bazaar in Lahore, Pakistan!

My day began in Ichra Bazaar with my guide Adeel from Manaky. Ichra Bazaar is the most famous cloth market in Lahore. It’s such a colorful and vibrant place. There are lots of shops selling clothing and shoes, and there’s also street food!


In addition to cloth, you can also find lots of home goods, like buckets, brooms, and storage bins. We also passed some shops selling some beautiful bridal gowns!

On our left were lots of vendors selling jewelry, including bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and more. They were beautiful! The vendors were so friendly!

As Adeel and I continued down the lane, we stopped at a vendor selling bakarkhani, a large, flaky biscuit with a hole in it. They also had biscuits, naan, and some chai!

The biscuits contained a lot of ghee and were really dense, so they’re best eaten with some chai. The vendor then gave me a bag of bakarkhani for free! The people in Pakistan are too nice.

It was a little after 9 a.m., and the market was starting to come to life. We continued past some butchers cutting up organs, including liver, kidney, brain, and stomach. Everything is super fresh!

They had goat heads arranged on tables, which had been freshly killed. It’s very graphic, but it’s also a raw and real representation of daily life in a Pakistani market. The smell of the blood is pretty intense!

From there, we passed a shop that makes mugs, jars, cups, and even banks out of clay. Then, I tried some delicious dates at a stall and met up with my other guide, Rashid!

Then, we stopped at Al-Rizwan to have some parathas. They sell aloo parathas and chicken parathas.

They take one paratha, top it with filling, and then place another paratha on top. Then, they roll it out flat and grill it on a massive pan with eggs on top. They get super browned and crispy.

The parathas look like pizzas when they’re done. We took them to their dining hall next door. They reminded me of a dosa! I loved the double layers and the crispy, eggy crust. These were my favorite parathas ever!

Then, we finished with our bakarkhani and some chai. The chai was sweet, and the bakarkhani was super crispy and flaky and contained a lot of jaggery.

Back out on the street, we passed some fish vendors, butchers, clothing, and vegetable vendors.

Further on were milk, yogurt, and malai vendors at Akbar Milk Shop, the most popular dairy shop in town. A vendor invited me over to try his sweet and tasty malai!

Next were fabric and wedding dress shops, followed by the most famous puri shop in Lahore, Shahi Pathoora. They sell pathoray with chana, pickles, cabbage, and raita. The pathoray looked like a large puri, and has lentis and masala mixed into the dough!

The pathoray was extremely tasty and soft. It was both oily and doughy, and I loved the cabbage salad on the side.

It wasn’t too spicy, but the pickles had a bit of a tingle to it. The raita killed some of the heat, while the cabbage gave it a nice crunch!

Then, I tried some seviyan, which is a sweet and creamy semolina noodle dish. The noodles were super thin, and it was a great palate cleanser.

We finished up with dahi Bhalla at Lahori Dahi Bhalla near the market’s entrance. Dahi Bhalla is a mixed chaat with fried dough, chickpeas, mint chutney, and yogurt.

It was crunchy, sweet, and refreshing, and it contained a nice amount of cabbage and carrots. It felt like I was having a super filling dessert!

Where have you been?

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