Village Food India – UNSEEN INDIAN FOOD + Queen of Chutney in Kerala!!

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KANNUR, INDIA – During out time in Kerala, we had a chance to learn about the countryside village life, make a number of outstanding chutneys with the Queen of Chutney, have an exquisite local lunch, and end the day with a whole goat prepared Malabar style – a mix of Indian and Arabian flavors and techniques. #Kerala #India #IndianFood

Thank you to Seashell Haris Beach Home for arranging everything and setting up this amazing day. They are doing great things, and I would highly recommend staying there when you visit Kannur:

What I love so much about Indian food is how diverse it is, and the mind-blowing combinations of spices, ingredients, and flavors that go into every dish. After attempting to harvest some mussels and hanging out with fishermen for a while, we headed back to the village to start cooking. The highlight at the beginning of the day was a green passion fruit chutney.

Indian food lunch – For lunch, we headed back to Seashell Haris Beach Home where they prepared an outstanding local Kerala lunch of a variety of different dishes, all together with fried pomfret.

Whole masala goat – Mr. Haris then prepared for us an entire goat, a small but flavorful goat, rubbed in a huge amount of masala paste – I like to call it the Kerala spice treatment. It was delicious and a perfect way to end this amazing day of village Indian food in Kerala!

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